Slimming Sweat Fat Burning belt Shaperwear Waist Trainer Neoprene Belt Weight Loss Cincher Body Shaper Tummy Control Strap


Color: red and black

Corset Waist Trimmer Feature:

The lower bust corset waist trainer easily wraps around your abdomen, providing adjustable tight pressure to shape your hourglass curves.Material: 75% neoprene , 15% nylon , 15% polyester, making it easier for you to sweat during exercise.This corset waist trainer is more flexible, durable and comfortable, easy to clean and does not irritate your skin.

Double-layered belly: The internal zipper seal is easier to wear than the traditional hook-eye snaps, and the external powerful magic snaps tightly around your abdomen, providing full compression to help you speed up your calorie burn as you work out.

Women's sweat-absorbing belt waist trainer: 2 mm single-layer neoprene fabric compression clothing to help you eliminate toxins, speed up the calorie burning process, sweat is 3 times the usual;

The steel bone design shapes your abdomen, maximizes your curves, and achieves an hourglass figure

This slimmed-down waist trainer is ideal for women to lose weight on a daily basis and is the perfect gift for those who want to stay in shape/relax belly fat, recover after giving birth, and support their backs.

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