How to decorate your bed for Halloween

So dekorieren Sie Ihr Bett für Halloween

How to decorate your bed for Halloween?

1.If you own a room and want it to have a Halloween atmosphere, then you can use many scary elements to decorate the appearance of your home. The bed sheets set the tone for the rest of the room, so if it is creepy enough, everyone will even wonder what else you have set up nearby.
A must-have pumpkin lantern for Halloween Pumpkin lanterns are one of the symbols of Halloween and are essential when decorating the venue on Halloween. On Halloween, the pumpkin lantern can be placed in the bedroom. There are Halloween pumpkin-themed sheets, which can fill your room instantly.

2. Decorate your front porch. The porch is the entrance to all the indoor horror elements, so it should look as scary as possible
Fear, so as to lure some uninvited guests (and possibly victims) into your house of terror. Introduced belowSome good ways to add the halloween atmosphere of the porch: put more spider webs on the porch. Your guests may be at Unconsciously trapped by them. -The silhouettes of two black cats will enhance the horror effect. Put some old mice on the ground Enough to make the scene more realistic. Putting a bucket of dead white flowers on the porch is even more perfect. Spread some branches on the ground. -Some southThe melon can add the finishing touch to the porch. They can be carved into ghost shapes, or painted black, silver or let
They glow. Hang a ghost on the porch. You just need to cut a few holes in an old sheet and throw it to the ceiling A beach ball hanging on the board will do. If you have an old rocking chair, cover it with spider webs and put it in one A place that can shake and creak as much as possible.