How to clean blood stains on bed sheets

The original clean sheets left blood stains which is very distressing. Fortunately, the fresh blood stains can be easily washed off. If the blood stains become dry and discolored, it is difficult to say. Slap mosquitoes in the summer can leave blood stains under the bed sheets. Women's official holidays or sudden nosebleeds from family members will also leave blood stains on the bed sheets. If we change the bed sheets and throw them away without cleaning them in time, these blood stains will become full and dry. It takes a lot of effort to wash it clean.
If the blood stains on the sheets have not been cleaned, many people will throw away the sheets and replace them with new ones, which is too wasteful. The editor below teaches you a simple method, whether it is new or old blood stains can be easily washed clean, let's learn together~
The method is simple, we throw the sheets into the basin. Then sprinkle some salt on the blood stains. The friction particles on the salt have a good cleaning effect, and then pour some cold water on it, remember not to pour hot water.

Soak it for about 5 minutes. When the time is up, we will squeeze some hand sanitizer on the blood stain. The hand sanitizer can soften the bed linen and make it cleaner, and then rub it vigorously.

When we finish rubbing, we can find that the blood stains on the sheets are gone. Later, we will rinse the sheets with water to make them fresh and ready for reuse.

This method is quick and simple. You don't need a washing machine or laundry detergent to easily remove blood stains on the sheets. If there are old blood stains on the sheets at home, you might as well try it.

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