How to choose the best bed set for kids

How to choose the best bed set for kids

What material is good for children's sheets? What color is good?
Parents and mothers who have children at home all hope to give their babies the best things. Among them, the bed sheets and duvet covers that directly affect the quality of sleep. Then, what material is good for children's bed sheets? What color should I choose? Let's understand

1. What material is good for children's bed sheets?
1. Silk

It is very hot in summer, if you choose silk material for children's bed sheets, it is very good. The silk children's bed sheet looks rich and rich, has natural softness and shine, feels cold and smooth to the touch, elasticity and moisture absorption are also very good, but the disadvantage is that it is expensive and not suitable for winter.

2. Pure cotton
Pure cotton bedding has always been the favorite of consumers. Pure cotton has the characteristics of easy dyeing, so it can present various patterns for children to satisfy children's curiosity. The pure cotton children's mattress is soft, warm and hygroscopic, and will not generate static electricity even in winter. It is one of the best choices for comfort.
3. Polyester cotton

Polyester cotton refers to 65% polyester with 35% cotton, which is divided into two types: plain weave and twill weave. Polyester/cotton has excellent strength and abrasion resistance. For naughty children, it has a long service life, so the cost performance is improved. Polyester/cotton has a light color because it is not easy to dye.
4. Silk

Silk has a rich and rich appearance, natural softening and shining effect, comfortable feeling, high strength, better elasticity and moisture absorption than cotton, but it is easy to get dirty, and its heat resistance to intense sunlight is worse than cotton.
The most interesting bedding
Second, what color is good for children's bed sheets?
1. Pink
If the child in the family is a girl, then pink children's sheets must be the first choice. This is a gentle color that can create a warm room atmosphere and let children feel the warmth of a mother. It is most suitable for cute babies.
Blue is an innocent color. Looking at this color, the irritability and stress in my heart will dissipate. The use of blue children's bed sheets in the children's room will help develop children's creativity and make them smarter.
3. Light yellow
   If you think yellow is too dazzling, you might as well choose light yellow children's bed sheets, which can match the surrounding decorations, which will not make people feel very abrupt, but also give people a very comfortable feeling. Light yellow is mainly bright and light-hearted, and children can grow up healthy in such an environment.
  4, light green
The light green forest pattern will make the room look extra fresh. It makes people feel comfortable and natural at first glance. A crib full of fairy tales can add to the cuteness of the baby room, especially for the brain development of the baby in the first week of the newborn.

In addition, we can choose interesting patterned sheets for children.
These ingenious duvet covers and matching pillowcases—everything from astronauts to great white sharks—make your child look exactly like the experience they live in. Most designs have full size photos...or full size enough to fit a double bed or full size/queen size bed. But it is also made of 100% high-quality Khmer and Khmer cotton. The rafting begins now.