How to choose comfortable sheets and cover?
Comfort is more important to bed set than other textiles, and perhaps second only to underwear.
There are many factors that affect the comfort of bed sheets, some of which are quite subjective. Don't let the fads unduly influence your choices.
Touch: Silky or refreshing?
My friend really likes to sleep on sheets that are as smooth as silk and covered with a soft and shiny finish. There are many types of cotton satin comforter that meet this preference, and there are also several materials to choose from. I prefer refreshing sheets. My friend’s luxurious sheets can caress the skin,
But it is also relatively close to the body, easily obstructing air circulation in the gap formed between the bed sheet and the skin. The silky feeling may become sticky, especially for people who sweat a lot. In addition, the satin sheets are also easy to slide around on the body,
This situation sometimes produces a feeling of heat, which may be caused by the cloth sticking to the skin and constantly moving, causing friction that is not ventilated. In addition, satin woven bed sheets are less breathable, which may make the problem worse. However, if you like the touch and soft drape of silk, you should look for beautiful cotton high-thread satin sheets. Such products are not hard to find, but I have worn out a set of expensive bedding within three years, and the life span is quite short in terms of high-priced sheets. In addition, this set of bedding quickly turned gray, but chlorine bleach could not be used (it may damage the exposed threads of the floating yarn, loss of luster, or faster holes). The extremely expensive silk satin sheets are very absorbent and are good for the skin in many ways. However, this kind of bed linen is quite hot to use, and the washing label stipulates that it must be dry-cleaned, not bleached, and cannot withstand the intensive washing that the bed linen may require. If this kind of bed sheet is your ideal choice, maybe you can buy a set for "meaningful" or special occasions, just as real linen sheets were usually reserved for important days and people. Avoid buying polyester satin sheets. Polyester does not absorb water and is not suitable for use as bed sheets.
Those who prefer refreshing or smooth cotton sheets will definitely like good quality combed cotton boggie muslin sheets (180-250 threads). This is the standard luxury bed sheet of the previous generation (sheets with a higher thread count are usually not refreshing). This type of bed linen is very comfortable, durable, easy to wash, and inexpensive. There are no pure cotton sheets with low thread counts on the market now, which is a pity, because the 140 thread count muslin yarn sheets are also very refreshing, comfortable and durable. Cotton and polyester blends are used instead of muslin yarn. Although the price is low and not easy to wrinkle, it feels slightly rough and not as comfortable as pure cotton sheets. The anti-wrinkle cotton muslin bed sheet with medium thread count feels better than cotton and polyester blend bed sheet, but it has a slightly rubbery feel.

Cotton flannel and knitted bed sheets are softer but not refreshing.
However, some people like this. Lighter cotton knitted sheets can be used in summer, and flannel sheets in winter (but cotton knitted sheets are sometimes not easy to wash,
Please refer to "The Washability of Bed Sheets" below). Even if you usually prefer fresh sheets, you may also like the warmth of flannel in winter. If the old muslin cloth is your favorite, you can buy pre-washed muslin cloth, this kind of product has lost its initial freshness. However, I think it’s weird to spend more money on slightly worn sheets, so I'd rather use them until they become soft. As far as bed sheets are concerned, the second choice is linen. If you haven't actually used linen sheets, but are full of dreams about it, don't expect the smoothness of satin or the softness of silk. The linen is very refreshing,
Although it is hard at first, it will become soft after washing many times. If cotton satin is attractive to you, then linen may not be suitable. Linen cloth has strong water absorption. As for high-quality linen cloth, it is not only soft and shiny, but also because the cloth body is better and has a refreshing feeling.
Therefore, it has the characteristics similar to high-quality muslin yarn. This kind of fabric will soften over time like muslin yarn, wear-resistant like iron (provided it is of good quality), and wrinkle easily. Linen and Muslin yarn are many people’s favorite material for bed sheets (including me),
Most of its appeal is that it is quite refreshing, highly ventilated, does not cling to the body, and does not slip on the body like a satin sheet.

Decorative stitching
Decorative stitching may feel scratchy, or form uncomfortable bumps on pillowcases and sheets. When buying a pillowcase, please pay attention to whether the embroidery, lace or cut-hole embroidery on the pillowcase will touch your face. You can use plain pillowcases for sleeping pillows, while beautiful pillowcases are reserved for decorative pillows. Simple seams will not affect comfort, but the stitches will wear and tear earlier than the rest of the pillow.


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