3D Customized beding set

3D Customized beding set

Real custom bedding is the idea of ​​the future-one day, you can put your dreams on the bedding and display it in your perfect bedroom-including custom sizes. Now, with the help of your creativity and VisionBedding products and special technology, you can print anything you imagine onto your personalized bedding, whether it's a bedspread, a customized bed sheet or a pillow. This includes photographs, digital designs, and non-digital images printed directly on custom photo bedding. All our products are made to order and they are also a great gift-the most popular option is for husbands to make bedspreads for their wives on anniversaries or Valentine's Day. All our personalization is free! Unless you ask our designers to spend several hours to complete the work, we will complete all letter combinations, color changes and other operations for free.

Trying to find a design that no one seems to provide? That's because when your only choice is mass production design, there is no such unique thing. By creating your own personalized design, your bedding will truly become one part per million. Take inspiration from your favorite colors, existing colors in the room or object. You can even put photos of your favorite friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, pets, etc. directly into the fabric on the bed cover or duvet cover. We also provide customized sheets and sheets, so if you want to create a super special design on a customized sheet-you can do that-and hide it under the bed cover!

When creating a design, don't be afraid to try new things...use your photos and designs to create personalized bedding, which will become the focus of the bedroom. Moving your eyes to the bed will better attract you to enter the room; make the spacious room more comfortable and relaxing, and add depth and size to the small bedroom, thus making it feel spacious! This is a new era of decoration, you are responsible!

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VisionBedding provides you with unlimited options-you can choose the collage layout, background color, border color, add special text and upload your own photos and designs. It can be done easily with just 1, 2, 3, and there is always a customer service designer to help you. The most special way to display your favorite photos is no longer in the photo frame in the corner, but in the house's own leisure paradise on the bed. Now, we can customize the size in duvet covers and sheets in almost any custom size (width or length). We provide you with standard size services, including double XL, full size, large and even extra large! Get two matching pillowcases or wigs to give you the perfect touch.

Therefore, please be with one of our custom quilts or duvets by sn, because they are very warm and can be made of different soft fabrics, and even get a cotton bottom. It is worth mentioning that we use the best process to dye your design into high-quality fabrics-our process will not change the texture of the fabric! When it comes to custom sheets-we usually have a problem-are they really soft? Because the client pays special attention to the sheets, because they sleep directly on the bed. Although they are not cotton, they are very soft, high-quality, and will not itch or disturb your skin in any way. Every night, when you open the quilt, you can open a collage of your inspirational photos on a custom bed sheet! When you put your head on the pillow, you will fall asleep and dream about your creation.